Eight Weeks to Two years

Rooms (Sunday Mornings)
Infants Room #155
Toddlers Room #157

Rooms (Wednesday Nights)
Infants &Toddlers, Room #157

What to Bring (Please label everything.)   
• Bottle (if needed)
• Sippy cup
• Bag labeled with diapers & wipes
• Extra clothing

The toddlers will receive goldfish crackers for a snack.

Welcome procedure
The nursery desk worker will assist you on our automated system and also provide you with a pager. Your pager will vibrate if you are needed to return to the nursery. You will be contacted if your child cries for longer than 10 minutes.

If your child has any allergies the nursery staff needs to be aware of, we have stickers to place on the children with that information.

Your child will be promoted from the infant room to the toddler room when he/she starts walking. 

Your child will be promoted to the 3yrs-pre k room when they turn 3 years old.